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Thread: Preassign Toppings

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    Kenny Coskey Guest

    Preassign Toppings

    Is there a way to preassgn toppings to one of the 8 topping menus to a specific product? This would be very helpful, especially with new employees.

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    flagite Guest

    Preassigned toppings, continued

    Not a reply, but a continuation of the question . . .

    We are setting up the software for an opening soon. A menu-defined pizza, such as Hawaiian, has preassigned toppings. Why can't we set up the Hawaiian button with the toppings defined? The only way I see we can do it, is to have the toppings appear, and then click on them. How can we have the toppings automatically attach to the Hawaiian pizza?

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    sarah3 Guest
    why do you need to do that?
    why not just not have toppings for the hawaiian pizza so all you have to do is click "hawaiian pizza" and not add toppings because you already know whats on there.

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