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Thread: Hal and Half Pizza Toppings

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    Question Hal and Half Pizza Toppings

    I am having trouble setting this feature up. The manual wants text placed on a botton with '1/2&1/2' on the bottom or top text of a button object. This text seams to be critical in invoking a procedure. How do I type in "1/2" with a standard keyboard without creating 3 characters ?

    Do I need to do this for all Pizza products or will the system apply this featue for all products defined on the same menu with the "half" button?

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    You have to type it into the first line of button text.

    1/2 & 1/2

    example: one(1) forward-slash(/) two(2) space( ) ampersand(&) space( ) one(1) forward-slash(/) two(2)

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