Hi Joseph,

I just programmed a POS/Restaurant system recently purchased from you:

I did this on my home computer running XP, and copied the files that were in the C:\BPA directory (not the sub-folders) over the installation on the System as supplied by you guys (also running XP) and all is fine.

My question is which files do I need to copy over at a minimum to get all menus/products/users etc and security settings to work.

I want to install the "programmed" version on the clients desktop running Windows ME, so he can get the feel for it without actually needing to go to the dummy POS system to try it. It wouldn't work and kept giving me an error something like: ".....an instance of BPA is already running" when I tried this on the ME machine...

It is installed in a Bartending School and only used for students to learn on.

Thx much,