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Thread: question regarding new software installation

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    question regarding new software installation

    Recently we purchased your BPA software without the E-Commerce addon. We setup the entire program to how we need it, and it works beautifully. Last week we purchased the BPA software with the E-Commerce add-on, and are attempting to install it overtop the old installation without losing all of our products, invoices, customers, vendors, etc. How should we go about this so that we don't have to spend countless hours retyping all of the info, as weel as get the e-commerce to integrate with the software? Please let me know what steps to take.



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    You shouldn't have to reinstall the other bpa program because it will be the same as the bpa you allready have installed. You should just have to install the BPA E-Commerce Server on that computer. Then try to go into Customer Orders->Internet Orders, if it lets you in then you are set to go. But if it tells you that the "Internet Orders Module is an add-on module" then email and they can email you a file that enables it.

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