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Thread: Sales Taxes

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    revilohm Guest

    Unhappy Sales Taxes

    In this state, different products and services are taxed at different rates. Fuels and most services are not taxed, food items are taxed at 2%, prepared foods and non-food items are taxed at 6%. Since I intend to use the software in a Convenience Store invironment, I will use all of these rates. How do I set the tax rates for individual products?

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    sleach Guest
    Wow, not reply to this since 2003 this is some time. I have the same problem and would like to know the answer to this.

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    Tackelbox Guest

    i also would like to know

    I also would like to know how to set up this option. In new york clothing tax is differnet from regular sales tax and i would like to know how to set up different sales tax per product

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    Silver Buck Guest
    BPA defines tax rates by customer, not product. The only way to define by product when you actually define the product. On the first page of product definition you can change the tax or add a unique tax to a certain product. Not sure why customers are used for tax definitions.


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    billmh Guest
    I agree. This is not practical. If BPA is listening, tax should be associated to product type or something like that where you can segregate your products.

    And if BPA folk are listening, how about a product feature to allow tax to be included in the price. This works for a bar where they want even amounts for a beer, say $2.50, or $5. the program will then back out the tax, without us having to manually adjust the each price.

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    Silver Buck Guest


    If BPA needs to do this, they will need a major change, but I think it has to be done. Look at this situation:

    Sales tax is added on to all food served. It is cosidered included in all beverages, including alcohol, both on and off serve. Can't have it added to on serve for the reasons stated in the post above, it doesn't round to even numbers.

    End of month, time to figure sales tax. The system tells me what was collected. Great, except that is only on the food. I then need to run sales data to determine sales on anything that has tax included, figure that amount manually, and make adjusting entries in the GL to sales tax payable, and the sales accounts that have sales tax included. Then the sales figures used to calculate the tax don't match the journalized entry for each month.Not sure if I want to explain that to tax people. I think BPA people have to re-think the way this is done


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    There is an update coming out (sometime in sept. 06) that will include the ability to do tax inclusive pricing. That is the response that the engineers gave to me based on the previous post.
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