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Thread: Account Receivable with Credit Card

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    Account Receivable with Credit Card

    We are the first store in our company to use the on account/account receivable options. When a customer pays on account I know how to add them and set them up. When they pay, I know you go to Business Solutions, account receivable, and then add. My question is this: Most customers pay with a check for A/R's however occasionally (like today) a customer wants to pay with a credit card. I changed the option (1-4) to 3 for credit card but I am not sure how to swipe the card. Do I just press apply credit and the box will pop up for the amount? Thanks for the help.

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    If you are using integrated credit card processing then the software will prompt you for a card. If you aren't, then it will just mark it as being paid with a credit card.
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    This is an interesting question, I had a first time encounter with the same type of problem in managing account receivable as well via credit card, just like Tyson said using an integrated credit card processing the solution will normally prompt you for a card otherwise it will still be marked as paid.

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