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  1. Where do I go to set up a customers terms?
  2. Setting up customer finance charges?
  3. Why would the product record have a negative quantity?
  4. Does the software support passwords?
  5. How many sales tax % does the software support?
  6. Can I give my customers a credit limit?
  7. Does the software support multiple ship to addresses?
  8. How do I change the price of a product?
  9. Can I change the price of a group of products?
  10. I have a customer with whom I have contracted for special pricing, does the software
  11. How do I keep seasonal products in stock?
  12. Does the software automatically assign account numbers to my customers?
  13. Can I change the description of an account in the general ledger?
  14. What are pick list groups used for?
  15. Setting up Macros
  16. Product not writing out to the database.
  17. F8 in Dept Type brings up Prod Type
  18. What is Product Definitions and Product Types
  19. G/L Interface Table
  20. invoice note
  21. Define Customers
  22. Modifying Select Menu
  23. Macros will not work
  24. product picture not showing
  25. Customer Account Numbers
  26. No refresh on Title bar and Product Picture??
  27. The product window and picture does not refresh?
  28. define sales tax table
  29. Taxes issues
  30. Credit card processor- merchant account
  31. connecting to the pull down menus
  32. assign side list names
  33. Taxes issues Again
  34. modify field
  35. managing print fields
  36. Sales tax definitions
  37. CC processing Error
  38. Can't Define Menu Sides...Why?
  39. Sales Tax Problem
  40. how to change tip percentage
  41. Receipt prints item description but not price
  42. Sales Tax
  43. Error Code