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Business Plus Accounting Touch POS

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Business Plus Accounting Touch POS is a complete, robust business accounting software package. In the 16 years we have been developing this product, we have worked closely with hundreds of business operators to understand the functions they need to manage a profitable business. From the day to day tasks of processing orders and inventory, to accounting tasks such as tax reporting and bank reconciliation, we have the tools you need. This is a robust business system which includes point of sale software and payroll software.

BPA Video Training CD's Are Included!

The lists below highlight some of the many features available in our Business Plus Accounting Touch POS package.

Detailed Features

Ease Of Use:

  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Initialization Of New System
  • Pick Lists For Key Entry Fields
  • Pick List Groups For Finding Products
  • Quick Pick Search Within The Pick Lists
  • Current Lists In Modify And Delete
  • Context Sensitive On Line Help
  • Browsing Of All Major Data Bases
  • Full Screen Displays of Multiple Records
  • 4 Sample Charts Of Accounts Provided
  • Macros Keys

Network Ready/Multi-User

  • Supports Networked Installation
  • Multiple Users Can Use the Same Modules Simultaneously

On-Line And Hard Copy Manuals

  • Printed Manual Available
  • Includes Electronic Copy of Manual (PDF)
  • On-line Help System

Accounts Receivable

  • No Limit Of Customers, Supports Use Of Alpha Or Numeric Characters
  • Balance Forward Or Open Item Accounting For Finance Charges
  • Customer Specific Payment Terms And Discounts For Prompt Payment
  • Supports Receipt Of Partial Payments On Invoices
  • Computes Finance Charges
  • Adjust Finance Charges Or Forgive Them
  • Supports Modifiable Intervals For Aging Periods
  • Supports A/R Transaction Reversals
  • Supports Reprint Of A/R Posting Report
  • Prints Statements Which Show Payments Received
  • View Invoices From Accounts Receivable
  • Debit And Credit Memos
  • Supports Non-Invoiced Sales
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Accounts Payable

  • No Limit Of Vendors, You May Use Alpha Or Numeric Characters
  • Entry Of Invoices Against G/L Accounts
  • Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Select Invoices By Due Date, Vendor, Discount Available
  • Supports Vendor Credit Memos
  • Prints Automated A/P Checks
  • Supports Quick Check Book Entries For Manual Checks
  • Vendor Specific Payment Terms And Computes Discount For Early Payment
  • Allows Automatic Payment Of Invoices That Have Payment Discounts
  • Prints Cash Requirement Report
  • Holds Payment On Disputed Invoices
  • Supports Partial Payment of Invoices
  • Supports A/P Reversals
  • Supports Check Reversals
  • Create New Vendor From Accounts Payable
  • Allows Check Reprints Before Posting
  • Prints Check Register
  • Prints Cash Flow Forecast
  • Reconciles Bank Account
  • View A/P And Manual Checks

General Ledger

  • Maximum Nbr. Accounts 100,000,000
  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Journal Entries
  • Allows Data Verification Prior To Posting
  • Trial Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet And Income Statement For Monthly Accounting Periods
  • Year End Balance Sheet And Income Statement
  • General Ledger Activity Report
  • Change In Financial Conditions Includes % Of Variance
  • Supports Multiple Cost-Of-Goods And Sales Accounts
  • Supports Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Supports Revenue And Expense Account Budgeting
  • Maintains Prior Years Data For Comparison
  • Allows Posting Forward Up To 24 Months
  • Four Sample Chart Of Accounts To Choose From
  • Modify The Chart Of Accounts
  • Quarterly Summary Report

Customer Orders

  • Invoices And Point Of Sale
  • Product/Service Orders And Invoices
  • Create Automatic Orders That Can Be Generated As Often As You Like
  • Prints Down Payment With Check Number On Invoice
  • Modify Order After Payment Has Been Received
  • Supports Return Of Product On a Customer Order
  • Supports On Account, Cash, Credit Card, And Layaway Order Types
  • Supports Manual Invoice Entry
  • Supports Order Fulfillment Tracking
  • Supports Import Of UPS Data
  • Hot Key To Client Call Tracking
  • Modifiable Sales Tax, Shipping Address At Order Entry
  • Modifiable Customer Discount
  • Hot Key To Create New Customers
  • Hot Key To Create New Products
  • Back Order Support
  • Prints Inventory/Warehouse Pick Tickets
  • Product Weight/Freight Support
  • Prints Packing/Shipping Lists
  • Shipping "Via" Printed On Invoice
  • Salesperson Support
  • Supports Auto Open Cash Drawer
  • Select From Multiple Customer Ship-To Addresses
  • Modify Product Descriptions On Each Invoice
  • Track Customer Status And Put Customers On Hold
  • Lot/Serial Number Tracking
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Set Prices Based On Cost
  • Adjust Prices By Percentage
  • Sales By Region Report
  • Pre-Printed Invoices Available, Standard Or Back Order Format
  • Customer Credit Limit Support
  • Customer Order Status Report

Vendor Orders

  • Vendor Purchase Orders
  • Automatic Reorders Products That Have Fallen Below Reorder Levels
  • Pre-Printed Purchase Order Forms Available
  • Conversion Of Product Unit Measure From Vendor Unit To Your Sales Unit
  • Conversion Of Vendor Product ID Number To Your Product Number
  • Modifiable Product Cost And Price Field
  • Create New Vendors From Vendor Orders
  • Create New Products From Vendor Orders
  • Vendor Order Status Report

Product Receiving

  • Supports Default Storage Locations
  • Prints Bar Codes For Products Received
  • Create New Products From Receiving
  • Modifiable Product Cost And Price
  • Supports Back Orders At The Time Of Receiving

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Lists Printed For Cycle Counting
  • Multiple Locations For The Same Product
  • Multiple Products In The Same Location
  • Print Barcodes Using Thermal Barcodes Printer
  • Supports First In First Out By Location
  • Automatic Reorder Levels
  • Product Aging Reports
  • Moving Cost Averaging Inventory Method
  • FIFO Inventory Method
  • Layaways
  • Warehouse Pick Tickets
  • Default Storage Locations For Products Received
  • Inventory Kiting - Optional
  • Product Lead Time Report
  • Product May Be Departmentalized Or Separated Into Specific Types
  • Five Product Pricing Levels
  • Gross Profit Margin On A Per Product Basis


  • Password Protected
  • Withholding Information
  • Salary And Hourly Wage Rates
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Vacation And Other Hours Tracked
  • Tax And Withholding Status Information
  • Year-To-Date Totals Supported
  • Supports Salesperson Commission % Of Sales Or Of Gross Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit Margin Commission On A Per Product Basis

Modules Included With BPA Touch POS

  • Payroll
  • Quotes
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Consignment
  • Remote Inventory Tracking

Business Tools Included

Client Contact Routines

  • Includes A Customer/Client Call Tracking System
  • On Line Telephone Lists
  • Supports Customer Phone Campaigns
  • Supports Call Back By Date
  • Clients Types, Status, And Classification
  • Note Field For Textual Information About Client
  • Supports Companies And Individuals
  • Copy Customers To Client Contact Routines
  • Prints Client Reports By Salesperson, Client Type, City, State, Zip
  • Mailing Labels For Clients
  • Client Contact Data Browsing

Print Barcodes

  • Prints Barcodes Using Any Of The 14 Popular Formats In Selectable Sizes

Multiple Company Support

  • Enter Accounting Data For Up To 20 Companies On One Package

Exporting Data

  • Allows You To Export Data To Your Favorite Spreadsheet


  • View/Print 24 Month Graphs Of G/L Accounts
  • View/Print 12 Month Graphs Of Product Sales

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA'S)

  • RMA'S By Customer
  • RMA'S By Vendor
  • Prints RMA Reports

Equipment Tracking

  • Track Equipment By Serial Number, Product ID, Vendor, Receipt Date,
  • Ship Date, Assigned Technician, Owner, Date Of Last Service,
  • Miles At Last Service, Or Miles Between Service

Mailing Labels

  • Customers, Vendors, Statements, And Manually Entered Labels
  • Clients By City, State, Zip, Salesperson, Type, Class, Status,
  • Or Custom Standard Size 3 x 5\16 Inch, Large Size 4 1/4 x 3 Inches

Data Tools

  • Spell Checker With 25,000 Words
  • Zip Codes For US Cities
  • Area Codes For US Cities And States
  • Abbreviations For Most Words
  • Correct Abbreviation For Each State
  • Event Calendar
  • 10-Key Calculator


  • Backup, Restore, And Re-Index Your Data Files

Mail Merge

  • Print Letters To Customers, Clients, Vendors, Or Employees
  • Including Names, Addresses From Your Data Files
  • Export Data Use With Word/Word Perfect Mail Merge Facilities

Finance System

  • Financial Calculations For Loans, Periodic And One-Time Investments, Depreciation, Or Profit Margins


  • Custom Reports
  • Preview and Print Reports
  • Business Summary (State Of The Business) Report
  • Daily Sales Reports
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Yearly Sales Reports
  • Sales Reports By Product Type
  • Sales Report For A Specific Sale
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Accounts Receivable Posting Report
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Accounts Payable Check Posting Report
  • Accounts Payable Posting Report
  • Accounts Payable Cash Requirements Report
  • Check Register For Automated Checks, Manual Checks, And Payroll Checks
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Manual Check Edit List
  • Trial Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet And Income Statement
  • Year End Balance Sheet And Income Statement
  • Chart Of Accounts
  • Change In Financial Condition Includes % Variance In Financial
  • Statements
  • Financial Statements For Any Period
  • General Ledger Activity Report, Monthly Or Yearly
  • Income & Expense Budget Report
  • Journal Entry Posting Report
  • Quarterly G/L Summary Report
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Order Inventory Pick Lists
  • Customer Sales Report
  • Detailed Customer Report
  • Customer Lists By Name, Number, City, State, Zip
  • Customer Order Status Report
  • Customer Phone Lists
  • Customer Order Report By Customer, By Date
  • A Specific Customer Order
  • All Customer Orders For A Customer
  • Customer Mailing Labels
  • Customer Report By Salesperson
  • Customer Report For A Specific Salesperson
  • Customer Report By Customer Type
  • Customer Quote
  • Vendor Order Report By Vendor, By Date
  • Vendor Order Status Report
  • All Vendor Orders For A Vendor
  • A Specific Vendor Order
  • Vendor Lists By Name, Number, State
  • Vendor Report By Vendor Type
  • Vendor Phone Lists
  • Vendor Mailing Labels
  • Inventory Reports For Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Location Report
  • Inventory By Product Number
  • Inventory Cost Report By Product Or Vendor
  • Inventory Layaway Report
  • Inventory Kit Report
  • Inventory Lead Time Report
  • Manufacturing Job Order Report
  • Product Receiving Report For All Vendors
  • Product Receiving Report By Date
  • Product Receiving Report For A Vendor
  • Product Receiving Report For A Specific Order
  • Product Aging Reports
  • Product Activity Reports
  • Product Information Reports
  • Product Cost Reports
  • Product Price Reports
  • Product Reorder Reports
  • Profit Margin Reports
  • Product Sales Reports
  • Product Reports By Department
  • Product Reports By Product Type
  • Employee Reports By Name, Number
  • Employee Reports Alphabetically
  • Sales People By ID Number
  • Sales People Alphabetically
  • A Specific Salesperson Report
  • Sales Commission Reports
  • Clients By Name, Number, City, State, Zip
  • Clients By Product Serial Number
  • Clients With No Product Sold To
  • Client Call Back By Date Report
  • Clients By Salesperson
  • Clients By Client Type, Class, Status
  • Client Mailing Labels In Nine Selections
  • Return Merchandise (RMA'S) By Customer Report
  • Return Merchandise (RMA'S) By Vendor Report
  • Equipment Tracking Report
  • Accounts Payable History Reports
  • Accounts Receivable History Reports
  • Product Receiving History Reports
  • Manual Journal History Reports
  • Non-Invoiced Sales History Reports
  • Customer Orders History Reports
  • Vendor Orders History Reports

Controls And Security:

  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Supports Password Protection On A Module/User Basis
  • Prevents Unbalanced Entries
  • Prevents Unbalanced Financial Statements
  • Warns When Customer Is Over Credit Limit
  • Customers Can Be Put On Hold For Bad Credit, Bad Checks, Etc.
  • Prevents Check Payments In Excess Of Charges

An Affordable Solution

Other point of sale software packages cost thousands of dollars. To purchase Business Plus Accounting Touch POS you pay only a minimal materials cost. You also pay a small monthly licensing and support fee, for which you receive licensing, unlimited phone support during business hours and free upgrades for our software. Not only do we cost far less than our competitors but you receive a much more complete product. You receive a complete business system including payroll and time clock with over 260 business reports covering all areas of your business.

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