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BPA Restaurant Professional Online Demo

BPA Restaurant Demo

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Watch the online demo to learn more about the BPA Restaurant Professional Software and how a BPA POS system can be the solution for your restaurant.

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Individual Video Segments

Discover the main features of BPA Restaurant Professional and how they meet the needs of your restaurant.
Menus & Ordering
See the process of taking an order in BPA and learn how you can customize the menu for your establishment.
Logging In
Learn what a server will see when logging into the system and what security options are available.
Table Management
View the process of changing the table layout and reviewing the status of each table.
Quick Service
Discover how BPA Restaurant Professional adapters to a quick service restaurant environment.
Time Clock
Introduces the integrated time clock functionality available in BPA.
Check Splitting
Showcases the ability to split checks by item or dollar amount.
Bar Tabs
Learn how BPA uses integrated credit card processing to easily create bar tabs.
Kitchen Printing
Discover how the kitchen printer feature in BPA can help your restaurant reduce waste and improve security.
Discounts & Comps
See how BPA securely provides functionality to comp and discount items.
Gift Cards & Loyalty
See how BPA can provide customer incentives and additional income with gift cards and loyalty programs.
Reporting & Back Office
Discover how BPA Restaurant Professional allows you to track and manage every aspect of your restaurant.
View how BPA tracks restaurant inventory and how on hand quantities may be updated.
Learn how BPA Restaurant Professional allows you to take control of your own payroll processing.
See why we believe BPA Restaurant Professional is the right solution for your restaurant.

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