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BPA Web Internet E-Commerce

Business Software Solutions' Internet E-Commerce allows your customers to create real time queries and orders against your current inventory or product list.  This system is fully integrated with the standard business product 'Business Plus Accounting', a product sold in stores since 1991.  With this system customer orders go directly into 'Business Plus Accounting' in real time via the Internet Order Processing Module.  Because this e-commerce solution is integrated with 'Business Plus Accounting' customers see real time inventory, product lists, and customer specific pricing.  Live video and audio is available for customer support when customers click on a customer support button on the main web page.  With this real time feature customers can be shown product or helped with other issues directly over the web.   Custom features can be easily added to this system.  For example, inventory at multiple store locations can be easily located from the main web page by adding a button and link to the new site.  As another example, if you are a manufacturer and you want your customers to be able to look at the progress of their manufacturing jobs a button can be added to the web page to allow this.  Any data in your business system can become available in real time to your customers.  This would include statements, invoices, volume pricing ect.. Our current Engineering rate for custom features is $100.00/Hour.

  • Integrates with Internet Order Processing module for BPA.
  • Allows you to host a web site at your location which integrates with BPA.
  • Allows customers to do real-time queries against your inventory or product list via the World Wide Web.
  • Customize Internet Search Options.
  • Show full product list.
  • Search for one Product ID.
  • Search for matching product descriptions
  • Search by BPA pick list categories.
  • Customize Internet Search results layout.
  • Choose whether or not to show product IDs and On Hand Quantities.
  • Add a picture for any product.
  • Link to product information pages in search results.
  • Option to force customers to use login name and password before searching inventory or seeing pricing.
  • Use customer specific pricing from BPA for customers who are logged into your site.
  • Allows customer to place orders from your World Wide Web site which can be pulled into BPA via the Internet Order Processing module.
  • Process Credit Card Orders over the Internet using industry standard encryption security. (SSL)
  • Gives you full control of your web site.
  • Use our pre-designed web pages or design your own.
  • Modify your web pages daily if needed.
  • Results from BPA queries can be placed at any point in any of your pages.
  • Includes Page Templates for easy setup.
  • Updates made to product definitions in BPA automatically update on your web site.
  • Turns orders placed on World Wide Web site into invoices in BPA.
  • Automatically displays current number of orders on system and last order date.
  • Preview Internet Order headers and details.
  • Modify Internet Order headers and details before converting orders.
  • Print Inventory Pick Lists for Internet Orders
  • Convert Internet Orders to Invoices in BPA.
  • Convert Orders for One Customer
  • Convert All Orders
  • Convert A Specific Order or Set of Orders
  • Print Internet Order History report.
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