Setting Up Groupons, City Deals, or Coupons | Business Software Solutions

The BPA software is very flexible when it comes to setting up coupons. The system comes with a predefined coupon product. By simply adding a menu button using this product, you can discount the order by whatever dollar amount you prefer. You can also create your own predefined coupons that deduct a specific amount. If you have a coupon for $10 you can simply set up a new product with the price as -$10. But what if you are using Groupons, City Deals, or coupons and you want to track them separately? These simple steps will guide you through the process:


BPA End of Year Guide | Business Software Solutions

The end of the year is always a busy time for restaurant owners. Ensuring all your tax and sales data is in order can be a daunting task. In this guide, we’ll discuss reports that are available to help you to close out your accounting year.


1) Un-archiving

Before we start pulling reports, you will want to make sure the system is using all the data for the entire year. BPA is designed to archive sales information after a certain period; this allows the software to run smoothly. Occasionally, if these settings are changed, they will cause inaccurate reports for the entire year. To verify your archive settings go to Restaurant System>Manager Functions>Misc. Definitions. Select the Business System option on the left. In the right, you will see several headings; scan down until you see Data archival.




Here you will see a section with your data archive settings. Depending on which reports you need to access will determine which archive settings you may need to change. The business system reports and monthly and yearly sales reports are controlled by the top option – Archive Sales Order Records After ‘XXXX’ days. Most of the restaurant reports will be controlled by the Archive POS Sales Records After ‘XXXX’ days option.