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Efficiency is vital in a busy restaurant as it can affect your overhead as well as your ability to serve your customers in the best way possible. One of the best steps you can take today to improve the functionality and efficiency of your restaurant's operations is to invest in an updated point of sale system. These are special systems that are designed to facilitate the sales process, and some POS system models are designed specifically for restaurant use. Restaurants often have specialized checkout needs that you will not find in retail stores and other venues, so the specialization of a system is important. You can find the best selection of these systems designed specifically for use in restaurants through


When you take a closer look at the different models of point of sale systems available for you to choose from through, you may discover that these are highly affordable yet very functional models that are ideal for use in your restaurant. Many have multiple user stations, but they are linked to a central hub for functionality. They make it easy for restaurant staff to ring up sales for customers, and some even have a convenient touchscreen that can be customized based on your menu options and other factors. In addition, they also can provide you with enhanced backroom functions, and your accounting or bookkeeping staff will love the detailed reports that these systems can generate. They can print receipts for customers to sign, accept credit card payments, and perform other necessary functions for you.

There are several options to consider when you are shopping for a new POS system for your business, and you can find the best options available through You can begin by exploring the different models available. You can also inquire about the features and functions directly if additional assistance is needed. Upgrading your point of sale system may be one of the best steps you can take for your restaurant, and there is no better time than right now to begin learning more about the options available.



Bring Back the Bread Basket | Business Software Solutions

What do Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Texas Roadhouse all have in common? If your taste buds reminded you of the very first bite of fresh bread you can experience at each of these locations, you answered correctly.  In this economic downturn many restaurants have shied away from complimentary bread to start a meal.  Maybe the real questions should be can you afford not to offer a fresh baked complimentary introduction to dinner?  Read more at Restaurant Management Magazine and you may change your mind.


Breaking Bread (Traditions)

3 Ways To Grow Your Online Reputation | Business Software Solutions

Have you ever wondered how important your online business reputation really is?  According, almost half of consumers are more likely to use a business after reading positive reviews online.  Since people naturally trend toward leaving negative feedback, how can you engage your customers to leave positive feedback? Check out this article for some great ideas.


Your Secret Weapon in the Battle of Online Reputation

Restaurant Performance Index at Highest Level In 6 Years | Business Software Solutions

The National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Performance Index hit a 6 year high in December.  The Restaurant Performance Index is a monthly index that is used to predict the outlook and measure the health  of the US Restaurant Industry.  With this sharp upswing, the NRA is predicting record sales for 2012 in their just released 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast.  Check out these great articles to learn more.


Restaurant Outlook at Highest Level in Nearly Six Years


Restaurants to outpace national job growth, reach record sales in 2012

Restaurant Startup Success Stories | Business Software Solutions

In this economy starting a restaurant can be a pretty tall mountain to climb.  Here is a great success story from The Gyro Company in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Check out this article to see how their great ideas came together and put them in a position for success.


The Gyro Co. Founder Talks Start-Up's Success

How Not To Use Social Media To Promote Your Restaurant | Business Software Solutions

Recently McDonalds started a Twitter campaign that backfired. McDonalds started a campaign with the hashtag #McDStories designed as promotional campaign. Twitter users quickly picked up on this and turned it into an opportunity to bash the restaurant’s food and service. Check out the full story here.

Op-Ed: McDonald's Twitter campaign backfires as users turn the tables

Restaurant Trends In 2012

Experts are predicting several new restaurant trends in 2012.  Consumers are going to have new expectations from restaurants this new year, including healthier menu options and online ordering.  Check out this great article to see how your restaurant measures up to meeting consumers demands.


Top 7 Quick Serve Trends for 2012

Using Social Media To Promote Your Restaurant In 2012

If your restaurant has not yet jumped into the game of using social media, 2012 is a great time to start.  Many national chains used 2011 to test strategies of using social media to connect with customers.  In this article some of those owners share their experience and what they plan to do differently.  Check it out.


Restaurants' social-media strategies in 2012

La Pinata Restaurant Follows Trend To Fast Casual

With the down economy many restaurant owners are making changes to keep business up.  La Pinata, a long time Business Software Solutions customer, is taking advantage of the trend towards fast casual.  Read this article on things they are doing to keep prices low and business hopping.


La Pinata» New menu, attitude » Times Record News