How Important Finding the Right POS System Is | Business Software Solutions

A point of sale system is generally designed to facilitate the sales process with your consumers, and on the surface, they appear to be nothing more than an advanced cash register of sorts. There are general systems available, but many are customized for specific industries, such as for retail or restaurant businesses. Like a cash register, they do allow sales to be rung up, receipts to be printed out, and payment to be received. However, today's systems can also do so much more. In fact, with how useful the latest POS system models available are, you may find that these are systems that you simply must have in your business today if you want to boost efficiency and streamline your operations.

For example, a point of sale system in a retail center may also perform back-end or behind-the-scenes functions for you. With each sale that is completed and processed, the system can be used to track inventory. This can help you to more easily track shrink and to keep up with ordering new inventory as needed. It can also be used to monitor accounting and financial features, and some can generate detailed accounting reports that can be used for budgeting and tax records. Likewise, restaurant models of these systems can perform these same functions, tracking how much food or ingredients may have been used and more.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with investing in the right point of sale system for your business. There are many different POS system models available for you to choose from, and selecting the right one is important. Because of this, it is important for you to review the features and specifications of each one before making a buying decision. When you have taken the time to find the right POS system to invest in, you will find that many of your operational functions are streamlined, and some of them may be completed with more accuracy because they are automated. You can begin exploring the different options available today as a first step in making an important and highly beneficial upgrade to your business.

How Well Does Your POS Company Listen? | Business Software Solutions

Business Software Solutions gets several requests a week from our customers for features that they would like to see in our software. Sometimes these requests are for additional functionality and some are simply features our customers would like to see to make their job a little bit easier. While many large POS companies would not give these requests a second thought or charge thousands of dollars to make the change, BSS listens.


We continually improve our product.

Recently, BSS was approached by a large frozen yogurt chain that was interested in using our software. While our TouchPOS product was designed to sell items by weight in this type of environment, this customer had a specific need. They wanted to weigh multiple items at a time and subtract tare weight for the number of containers they were selling. BSS saw this as a valuable feature to add to our software. Within a week our engineers were able to customize our software to meet this demand.


We see our customers as a resource.

While it is not possible for us to add every feature request to the software, we recognize that our customers are a great resource. Our Business Plus Accounting software is a high quality software package because of the feedback of our customers. Over time, implementing features based on customer feedback has been critical to the growth and acceptance of our software.


We listen to customers needs.

Since Business Software Solutions was started in 1989 we have been committed to meeting the demands of our customers. While our focus has shifted from customized business software to providing high quality POS systems, our commitment to meeting these demands remains the same. Our technicians have the ability to post any customer request to our inner-office website that is reviewed by our engineers on a regular basis. The more customers that request certain functionality, the more valuable it is to add to our software. We are also committed to adding features that are absolutely necessary for our customers. If a customer has a feature that they absolutely must have, we can give that customer a quote while they’re on the phone and typically finish the engineering within 2 weeks.


So the big question is, how well does your POS company listen?