Password Manager Card Configuration Guide | Business Software Solutions

BPA includes much flexibility for setting up manager/employee passwords in the system. BPA includes three levels of manager groups that allow you to give different levels of access to different managers/employees. This guide will walk you through setting up manager/employee passwords in BPA Restaurant Professional and Delivery Professional. Manager swipe cards may also be used in place of passwords. The password setup is done in the Business System portion of the software.

  1. 1) From the main menu select Business System.
  2. 2) Select Definitions on the right hand side.


  1. 3) Select Passwords for Modules and enter the master password.



Activate Module Passwords

In Activate Module Passwords you may choose the areas of the software that you would like password protected. For the restaurant software you will want to check the option Restaurant Manager Password. Selecting this option will allow you to secure areas and functions in the restaurant system as well as password protect the Business System. You may choose to select any other modules that you would like password protected separately.












Manager Password Groups

The restaurant software allows you to set up 3 different levels of manager groups. These manager groups can have different levels of access. You may assign as many employees as you choose to each manager group, which will be discussed later in this guide. By default, manager group 1 has access to everything in the restaurant system (this can be changed). To allow a manager group to have access to the specific group of functions, place a “Y” in the appropriate row. For example, if you would like manager group 2 to only have access to remove or comp items place a “Y” next to Modify Sales Items.



Below is an explanation of some of the functions that are included in each module.

Modify Sales Items

  • Discount Order
  • Comp Items
  • Remove Items
  • Modify Items
  • Change Quantity
  • Repeat Item

Modify Tables

  • Merge Tables
  • Table Transfer
  • Change Table Number
  • Transfer to Touch POS
  • Remove Closed Table
  • Reopen Closed Table
  • Remove Table
  • View Open/Close Table Data

Change Auto Gratuity

  • Set Gratuity Percentage
  • Remove Auto Gratuity

Cash Drawer/Petty Cash

  • Manually Open Cash Drawer
  • Petty Cash Payout

Time Clock Functions

  • Approve Clock In
  • Print Clock Report
  • Check Clock Ins
  • View Time Clock
  • Edit Time Clock
  • Overtime Report


Assign Modules To Users

Each manager/employee may be assigned a certain level of access. Here you will choose the areas of the software the manager can access with their password. Select Assign Modules To Users and enter the employee’s number. Press enter and you will be presented with a table that allows you to give that employee access to specific modules with their password. Place a “Y” in the appropriate row to enable access. You will want to assign each manager/employee to one of the three manager groups at the bottom.



Assign Passwords To Users

Here you may assign passwords to each employee or manager. Simply select Assign Passwords To Users, enter the employee number and press enter. Enter the new password and verify it. If you are using manager cards, swipe the card into the new password field. Swipe it again in the Verify Password field.

If you need to change the password that is currently assigned to an employee, enter the current password. If you do not know the employees password you may enter the master password in the Current Password field to override the current password.


Misc. Definitions

Once you have set all the password options in the Business System, you will want to take some time to review the specific functions that can be password protected in the Restaurant System. From the main menu, go to Restaurant System > Manager Functions > Misc Definitions. Select the Passwords tab on the left side. Check the box next to any specific options you would like password protected.


3 Ways to Keep Restaurant Employees Honest

In this day and age it can be difficult to hire staff that is completely trustworthy. We receive calls from restaurant owners all the time that have just realized that they have had employees stealing from them for a year or more and they did not realize it until it was too late. Even if you believe you have staff that you can fully trust, your restaurant may be presenting a huge temptation for dishonesty. The restaurant industry provides a huge opportunity for employees to handle and pocket cash and manipulate orders. Typically if there is a way to be dishonest, an employee will figure it out. So how can you safeguard yourself from being taken advantage of? Here are a few simple steps.


1) Use Security Options In Your POS System

Most, if not all, POS systems come with security features built in. If you are not using them, start now. Everyday functions in your POS system present a way to steal. Functions such as reprinting a receipt, removing items or orders, splitting tickets, and comping and discounting can all be used by an employee to pocket cash. Although it may be an inconvenience to your manager to have to approve these functions, it could save you a large amount of money in the end.


2) Review Security Reports Regularly

Your POS system should be able to report any time an order is removed, comped, or discounted. Check these reports often to make sure this in not happening regularly. Also check to make sure there is not a pattern to these reports and that you don’t see the majority of the activity coming from one employee.


3) Use Swipe Cards Instead of Passwords

POS systems typically have an option to allow an employee to use a secure function either by using a manually entered manager password or a manager swipe card. Using manual passwords works fine but sooner or later someone is going to watch you close enough to find out your password. Using manager swipe cards solves this issue. You must be there with your card to approve the particular function they are trying to access.

Swipe cards should not only be used for managers but for employees logging in as well. By allowing your servers to manually log into the system you allow the opportunity for employees to clock each other in and out and put orders in under another person’s ID. This can be a huge security hole. Set up employee login cards for each of your employees. This way you can make sure that they alone are responsible for their own orders.

If you are a BPA customer and would like to know more about using these features please call our technical support at (801) 336-3303. If your POS system does not support these functions and you are interested in a system that allows you to secure your business please visit or call us at (801) 336-3303.