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At Business Software Solutions we are continually seeking feedback from our customers for ways to improve our software. As a result of customer feedback we are introducing scheduled orders to the software. Now orders may be placed in advance and assigned a date and time. You may specify how long before the order’s scheduled time it will become active. Once activated, orders will automatically print to the kitchen. Kitchen tickets clearly indicate the order is a scheduled order as well as the time for which the order is scheduled. Servers may easily see when scheduled orders are pending. Please contact Business Software Solution for additional information and update instructions to take advantage of this new feature.




Additional Features for BPA Restaurant Delivery

In addition to scheduled orders, we have made some changes to the Delivery Software. Not only can you see scheduled orders that are pending, we have also made changes to the orders list in order to give you more information about open orders. You can now see the order type. Order types are color coded and information is organized in a clear fashion. This information automatically refreshes when orders are entered from different stations. All this adds up to faster ordering and fewer mistakes.



Payroll Tax Update for 2013 Now Available | Business Software Solutions

The Payroll Tax Update for 2013 is now available

Customers who do not process payroll through Business Plus Accounting can disregard this update.

The IRS has released updated payroll tax rates for 2013. The updated tax tables are now available for Business Plus Accounting customers.

How to obtain the Payroll Tax Update for 2013

The tax table update is $75. To receive the updated files, please contact our sales department via e-mail at sales@businessoftware.com or call 801-336-3303.

Social Security Payroll Tax Rates: The social security tax rate for all employees has now reverted to 6.2%. You can set this rate in Business Plus Accounting from the "change Federal Tax Limits" option in Payroll. You can get more information from our Updating BPA Payroll Tax Information blog post. This change should be implemented immediately.

Updating BPA Payroll Tax Information | Business Software Solutions

Each year Business Software Solutions releases an update to the federal tax tables for our payroll module. This update will ensure that your FICA tax tables are set up correctly. In addition to updating the FICA tables, there are additional federal rates that may need to be changed manually. This year the employee contribution to social security will be increasing from 4.2% to 6.2%. Be sure to update this rate before you run payroll for the new year. To change this rate, do the following:

  1. 1. Open the BPA software and go to Business System>Payroll
  2. 2. Click Change Federal Tax Limits
  3. 3. Ensure all rates are updated to the follow: SS Wage Limit – 113700.00, SS Employee Rate – 6.2, SS Employer Rate – 6.2, Medicare Wage Limit – 9999999.99, Medicare Tax Rate – 1.45, FUTA Wage Limit – 7000.00, FUTA Tax Rate – 6.000.


  1. 4. Once you have updated the rates simply select F3 to exit.

We also suggest that you check your SUTA tax rates by clicking Change State Tax Limits. Check with your state to enter the correct value here.

Please note that these rates may change at any time due to new federal legislation. Please check IRS Publication 15for updated rate information.

Holiday Gift Card Sale | Business Software Solutions


Business Software Solutions - Holiday Gift Card Sale - 801-336-3303

The Holidays are Almost Here!

Don't wait! Gift cards are a popular last minute gift. Get ready for last minute holiday shoppers now with special offers on Gift Cards for use with your BPA Restaurant Professional, Hotel Management and Touchscreen POS software.

Gift Card Pricing
New Orders
Order Quantity Card Price
50-249 $1.95/ea
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500+ $1.55/ea
Order Quantity Card Price
50-99 $1.95/ea
100-249 $1.85/ea
250-499 $1.65/ea
500+ $1.55/ea
Custom Setup - $50.00    (Free when you purchase 100 cards or more!)
Card Swipes: $100.00/ea    ($75.00/ea when you purchase 50 cards or more!)
50 Card Minimum - Gift Card Holders Available

Make Money the Easy Way
19% of ALL gift cards balances are never redeemed and with our software YOU get to keep that profit!*

Use Gift Cards for Sales and Marketing
Gift Cards are a great tool to increase your sales and bring new customers into your establishment. They guarantee a return visit. Gift Cards let your customers do your advertising and give you a convenient way to bring new people to your establishment.

Increase Ticket Amounts
Purchases made with a gift card are typically 20% to 50% higher than tickets paid without a gift card.

Gift Cards are Popular
Gift Cards have become the most requested item on holiday wish lists. In 2011, over 18% of holiday spending was on gift cards.

Gift Cards are Inexpensive
Our Gift Cards are very affordable because there are no processing fees and they are re-useable. Once a customer has used a Gift Card, you can re-issue it with a new balance.

Customize Your Design
For a one-time setup fee of $50 we will use your logo for a custom designed card. We can also create custom designs. If you order 100 cards or more before December 14, 2012 we will waive the $50 setup fee!

Visit our gift card website!

Order Today!
Orders are processed in the order they are received.  Order today to make sure you have your Gift Cards available as soon as possible! Please place your order by December 14th to guarantee shipping prior to December 21st.  Express shipping is recommended for orders shipped after December 14th. Delivery date is subject to FedEx. FedEx does not guarantee delivery dates (even for express shipments) during the holiday shipping season, so order early! Contact our sales department for more information or to order today!
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Premium Gift Card Designs

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* Gift Card sales are subject to state and federal regulations. Card issuers are responsible for understanding and adhering to applicable regulations.

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Improve System Performance In BPA | Business Software Solutions

If your BPA POS system seems to be slowing down after several weeks or months of use there are a couple of functions in the software designed to run to keep the system operating at the speed you expect.

Posting Sales

Posting your table sales should be a part of your end-of-the-day routine. If you have not been posting your sales up to this point now is a great time to start. Posting moves all of your sale information into the Business System as well as marks temporary records for deletion. These records will actually get deleted in a later step. To post table sales follow these steps:

  1. 1) Go to Restaurant System>End of Day Processing
  2. 2) Click Post Table Sales
  3. 3) You will see a prompt informing you that this should be something you do each day. Select Yes to continue.

  1. 4) When the system has completed the posting processes you will be asked if you would like to print a posting report. The posting report will list every transaction that was posted and group them according to server.

If you post at the end of each day the posting process will only take a couple of minutes. However, if posting has not been a part of your normal procedures for several months or longer the posting process can take several hours. We strongly suggest that you start this process at the end of the night.

Packing Data Files

Packing database files is a software maintenance process that should be run at least once a week. If you notice your system slowing down during the week or you know that you do a high volume of sales, you may want to run this function more often. Packing simply removes any temporary information in the system and archives old sales information. To pack database files, do the following:

  1. 1) Exit the BPA software on all client computers and select Exit Now.
  2. 2) From the main server computer, exit the software. Choose the option to backup and exit. This will create a backup of BPA and then pack the data files. If you would like to pack files without creating a backup you may also select the Files menu at the top of your screen and select Pack Data Files.


By running these functions on a regular basis you can keep your BPA system operating at the speed you expect.

Improving Your Restaurant Training | Business Software Solutions

No matter how seasoned your staff is, there is always room for improvement and additional training.  It is often difficult to find ways to implement this training in your regular restaurant operations.  Committing resources to training, choosing employees to do training, and making sure that training is a regular part of your restaurant operation takes a lot of effort, but is a key component to the success of your restaurant.  Here are 4 great tips for implementing additional, effective training for your restaurant staff.


4 Ways to Improve Restaurant Training

New Automatic Report Functionality Available in BPA | Business Software Solutions

Here at Business Software Solutions, we understand how important it is that you, as a business owner, keep tabs on your daily sales figures. To assist you and your business partners in this process we have added additional functionality for you to keep track of you sales even when you are away from your business. Now the daily sales report can be automatically e-mailed to you and your business partners every day. The report can be scheduled to send directly from the Misc. Definitions screen. You can also configure the report to include or exclude certain portions of data that may or may not applyAutoReport to your business. We have also updated the daily sales report. We now allow it to be printed on your receipt printer or a full size document printer as well as giving the option to run the report for multiple days.

If you are interested in using this functionality please call our technical support department at 801-336-3303. We can assist you in updating your software and configuring this new functionality. Please note that to use the e-mail functionality you must have a compatible e-mail provider. Please contact technical support for more information.

Business Core Values | Business Software Solutions

As a small business owner, you know what it’s like to be pulled in a thousand different directions.  Maybe you have never taken the time to sit down with your team and nail down what you want the culture of your business to be. Do you and your team of employees know what your core values are?  Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store, knowing what your core values are can have a huge impact on how your employees see the company and their jobs as well as how your customers feel about your business.  For some great ideas on defining your business culture check out this great article.


Nick's Pizza: A Slice of Core Values

Bring Back the Bread Basket | Business Software Solutions

What do Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Texas Roadhouse all have in common? If your taste buds reminded you of the very first bite of fresh bread you can experience at each of these locations, you answered correctly.  In this economic downturn many restaurants have shied away from complimentary bread to start a meal.  Maybe the real questions should be can you afford not to offer a fresh baked complimentary introduction to dinner?  Read more at Restaurant Management Magazine and you may change your mind.


Breaking Bread (Traditions)

Turn Your Staff Into a Team | Business Software Solutions

In any restaurant it takes teamwork to make a great dining experience.  A breakdown in this teamwork can have a negative impact on customers and employees alike.  Check out this article for some great suggestions on helping your staff function effectively as a team.


5 Ways to Turn Your Staff into a High Performing Team