Benefits of Using a Modern Point Of Sale System

When you are looking for a great way to improve your business operations and to boost functionality and efficiency, the clear solution is to invest in a modern point of sale system. There are customized POS system solutions available for many types of business environments. For example, some are designed for use in a restaurant or food services environment while others have features and benefits that are better suited for use in a retail environment. Because of the variations in these systems, the benefits that you may enjoy by using them will vary from system to system. However, there are some general advantages that you will have access to with most of these systems.


The main purpose of a POS system is to help you and your employees facilitate sales transactions, so they can speed up sales processing while also helping you to track sales and inventory. Some provide you with the opportunity to generate detailed, customized reports. They can be used to help you better determine when you need to order more supplies for your restaurant or more products to stock your store shelves with. Many of today's advanced point of sale systems also have an employee log in feature. They may be designed to allow employees to punch in a code to log their hours, or they may give employees the ability to swipe a card when logging in. This makes it easier for employees to honestly track hours, and it can facilitate the payroll processing task in your company. In addition, some highly advanced systems have a tablet-style feature that can be used in restaurant environments. These give waitstaff the ability to instantly input orders into the system while standing at tables and for the kitchen to quickly begin working on orders. This means customers will get their orders more quickly, and your restaurant can serve customers more efficiently for maximum profitability.


These are only a few of the benefits associated with using a POS system. By reviewing some of the more advanced point of sale systems available to choose from, you can learn more about how you can take advantage of the benefits they provide.


How A POS System Can Automate Transactions | Business Software Solutions

Restaurants are labor-intensive environments, and the busiest restaurants may be fully staffed with dozens of employees or more during peak dining periods. Everything from chopping vegetables to serving patrons requires some level of personal attention from staff members, and the overhead associated with labor can be tremendous. As a conscientious restaurant owner or manager, you may constantly be looking for ways to reduce overhead by streamlining certain functions, and you understandably may have an eye of automating certain processes to decrease the amount of labor that is required for certain activities. One option to consider is to invest in a POS system for your restaurant.

A POS, or point of sale, system is designed to automate the checkout process for your waitstaff. For many decades, it was common for waitstaff to take down orders with a pen and paper and tally the total amount owed for the bill at the bottom of this hand-written order. While some restaurants still operate this way today, you may discover that there is considerable benefit associated with automating the process with a POS system. Other companies have already invested in an automated system, but their system may not be as beneficial as more modern or advanced systems. These modern systems can be tailored specifically for a restaurant's menu options. Waitstaff can select the items that were ordered by a patron, and the receipt will print automatically. In addition, the point of sale system can be used to take cash or credit card payments, and it will automatically track these transactions. This provides for an improvement in the speed and accuracy of backroom efforts related to financial records and accounting. Furthermore, customers can receive a printed receipt, and this creates a more professional experience.

There are several different models of the POS system available for you to consider, and some provide you with the opportunity to customize your system by selecting the right number of work stations for your needs. You can begin exploring the options available today, and you may be surprised how beneficial the right point of sale system can be for your business.

How Important Finding the Right POS System Is | Business Software Solutions

A point of sale system is generally designed to facilitate the sales process with your consumers, and on the surface, they appear to be nothing more than an advanced cash register of sorts. There are general systems available, but many are customized for specific industries, such as for retail or restaurant businesses. Like a cash register, they do allow sales to be rung up, receipts to be printed out, and payment to be received. However, today's systems can also do so much more. In fact, with how useful the latest POS system models available are, you may find that these are systems that you simply must have in your business today if you want to boost efficiency and streamline your operations.

For example, a point of sale system in a retail center may also perform back-end or behind-the-scenes functions for you. With each sale that is completed and processed, the system can be used to track inventory. This can help you to more easily track shrink and to keep up with ordering new inventory as needed. It can also be used to monitor accounting and financial features, and some can generate detailed accounting reports that can be used for budgeting and tax records. Likewise, restaurant models of these systems can perform these same functions, tracking how much food or ingredients may have been used and more.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with investing in the right point of sale system for your business. There are many different POS system models available for you to choose from, and selecting the right one is important. Because of this, it is important for you to review the features and specifications of each one before making a buying decision. When you have taken the time to find the right POS system to invest in, you will find that many of your operational functions are streamlined, and some of them may be completed with more accuracy because they are automated. You can begin exploring the different options available today as a first step in making an important and highly beneficial upgrade to your business.

Get A Restaurant Point Of Sale System | Business Software Solutions

Efficiency is vital in a busy restaurant as it can affect your overhead as well as your ability to serve your customers in the best way possible. One of the best steps you can take today to improve the functionality and efficiency of your restaurant's operations is to invest in an updated point of sale system. These are special systems that are designed to facilitate the sales process, and some POS system models are designed specifically for restaurant use. Restaurants often have specialized checkout needs that you will not find in retail stores and other venues, so the specialization of a system is important. You can find the best selection of these systems designed specifically for use in restaurants through


When you take a closer look at the different models of point of sale systems available for you to choose from through, you may discover that these are highly affordable yet very functional models that are ideal for use in your restaurant. Many have multiple user stations, but they are linked to a central hub for functionality. They make it easy for restaurant staff to ring up sales for customers, and some even have a convenient touchscreen that can be customized based on your menu options and other factors. In addition, they also can provide you with enhanced backroom functions, and your accounting or bookkeeping staff will love the detailed reports that these systems can generate. They can print receipts for customers to sign, accept credit card payments, and perform other necessary functions for you.

There are several options to consider when you are shopping for a new POS system for your business, and you can find the best options available through You can begin by exploring the different models available. You can also inquire about the features and functions directly if additional assistance is needed. Upgrading your point of sale system may be one of the best steps you can take for your restaurant, and there is no better time than right now to begin learning more about the options available.



Changes to Restaurant Gratuity | Business Software Solutions

The IRS has recently mandated changes to the way restaurants treat auto gratuity. For payroll purposes auto gratuity must be treated as a service charge. This means they must be tracked separately and are no longer considered eligible for a social security deduction. As a result of these changes we have introduced a number of changes to the way the BPA software tracks and reports gratuity and auto gratuity.


Claim Tips at Clockout

If the option is enabled for your server to claim tips when they clock out, you will notice some significant changes to the clock out screen. Gratuity and sales are now broken out into three separate groups.




Auto Gratuity: This box reports any auto gratuity that was recorded on the closed sales.
Charged Sales: This box shows any sales that were closed with a tip with a payment method of credit card, gift card, or placed on account.
Charged Tips: This field reports any tips left on a sale that was closed with a credit card, gift card, or placed on account.
Tip % of Charged Sales: This percentage is automatically calculated based on the charged sales and charged tip amounts.
Other Sales: Other Sales includes sales that were closed with auto gratuity or items that are marked to be excluded from gratuity. Because auto gratuity is not treated as a tip and is considered as wages, tips do not need to be claimed on this sales amount.
Cash Tippable Sales: This field includes cash sales as well as any charged sales on which no tip was added. If no tip was added to a charged sale the system assumes the patron left a cash tip. There is an option to exclude dine out orders from this total which will be discussed later.
Tip %: This field allows you to claim a percentage or your cash sales as tips. You may change this percentage by entering the percentage on the keypad on the left and then selecting Load Value.
Cash Tips: Cash Tips is the amount of cash tips that you are claiming. This amount may be calculated by entering the percentage above or you may adjust this amount by entering the tip amount on the keypad on the left and then selecting Load Value.
Declared: The declared field contains the amount of charge and cash tips claimed.


Gratuity and Payroll Options

The Misc. Definitions screen contains several new options that effect the way the software handles gratuity. To get to this screen, go to Restaurant System > Manager Functions > Misc Definitions.




If you select the Gratuity option on the left side, you will notice several new options. First, you may choose to exclude dine out sales from gratuity and the tippable sales amount. If the majority of your dine out sales are pickup orders or you have an employee that handles dine out orders that is not paid a server’s hourly rate, you may want to check this option.

You may also choose whether to pay out auto gratuity and charged tips at shift end or with payroll. If these options are set to pay at shifts end, the system assumes you will be paying out tips to the server from the cash drawer. If they are set to pay out at payroll, the system will report these tips to pay at payroll on the Daily Sales and Tips Report and the Time Clock Report. If you are using the BPA payroll module these tips will also be included in the payroll check.


Reporting - Daily Sales and Tips Report and Time Clock Report

The Server Tips Summary section of the daily sales and tips report has been updated to show the changes outlined above. Payroll tips and tips paid at shift end are simply broken out so servers and managers may easily identify these amounts. The time clock report reflects these same changes making payroll reporting a simple process.





Download Restaurant Professional Update

Download Delivery Professional Update

Please note that updates must be applied to each computer running the BPA software. For assistance updating please call (801)336-3303 between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm MST Mon-Fri.


IRS Bulletin 2012-26 Outlining Changes to Gratuity

Take Control of Your Payroll in 2014 | Business Software Solutions

It’s a new year which means it’s the perfect time to consider running your own payroll in BPA! The BPA Business System allows you to take full control of your own payroll processing. Move hours directly from the time clock, calculate taxes, and print checks directly from BPA. For only $75 a year you receive federal tax updates.


2014 Tax Tables Available Now

If you are already running payroll or would like to get started, the 2014 federal tax table update for Business Plus Accounting is available now. This table is preprogrammed to work with the BPA software and allows the software to deduct the correct Federal Tax Withholding amount based on marital status and number of exemptions claimed. Call us at (801)336-3303 for more information.


Getting Started With Payroll

If you are just getting started with payroll in the BPA software please check out our payroll setup guides. These guides will walk you through making sure the system in configured properly as well and running your first payroll.

For Restaurant, Delivery, and Hotel customers:
Restaurant Payroll Setup Guide

For Touch POS customers:
Touch POS Payroll Setup Guide


Additional Payroll Tax Information

Please make sure the following tax rates are correct in the BPA Payroll module as they are not included in the tax table update. These additional rate may be configured by going to Business System > Payroll > Change Federal Tax Limits. Rates below are from IRS Publication 15 as of 1/3/14. Please verify all rates listed.

Social Security Wage Limit - $117,000.00
Social Security Employee Rate – 6.2%
Social Security Employer Rate – 6.2%
Medicare Wage Limit – No Limit, please enter 9,999,999.99
Medicare Tax Rate – 1.45%
FUTA Wage Limit - $7,000.00
FUTA Tax Rate – 6.0% unless you take a credit against your state unemployment.


State and Local Taxes

Business Software Solutions does not provide updates to state and local tax information as this varies by state, county and sometimes even city municipalities. It is the customer’s responsibility to check with your local tax commission to verify local tax requirements and compliance.

Menu Item Groups In POS Software | Business Software Solutions

Menu Item Groups is a great new feature that adds further flexibility and customization to your menu. Menu items can be grouped together under one menu button allowing further organization and easier accessibility. This feature is particularly useful for bars and pizza shops.

How It Works

Below we have an example of an alcohol menu. As you can see, drinks are grouped together by color and liquor type. This works well until you add too many buttons on one menu.




Below, we see the same menu with the menu item group functionality implemented. We now have one button for each liquor type with a plus symbol indicating it is a menu item group.




When we click the Whiskey button we get a popup menu with all of the original menu items that were on our original menu. These menu items have all the same flexibility with modifiers, side lists, and special pricing that they would have if they were directly placed on a menu tab. As you can see, this allows you to better organize your menu and effectively use valuable menu space.





Setting up menu item groups is a simple process. Before you get started you will need to make sure your BPA software is up to date. You must have a software update applied 11/12/13 or later to take advantage of this functionality. Please contact Business Software Solutions to receive an update. As a reminder, updates are free of charge to customers who are current on their monthly license and support fees.

To set up a new group, follow these simple instructions:

  1. 1. Open BPA and navigate to Restaurant System > Manager Functions > Define Menu Items.
  2. 2. Select Modify to add an existing menu button to a group or select Add to add a new menu item.
  3. 3. Under Menu Item Options select the New Group button.



  1. 4. Enter a Menu Group ID and the Button Text for the group. You may also assign a color, picture, and display order number if you desire. Press Save when you are finished.



  1. 5. Press Save to save the menu item. The group button will automatically be created on the menu you have assigned to the menu item.
  2. 6. Press the Pick button to select another menu item to add to the group or press Add to add a new menu item.
  3. 7. Click in the box next to Menu Item Group and press F8 on the keyboard. You may now select the group that you created in the previous step.
  4. 8. Continue adding menu items to the group in this fashion. You may add as many and 24 menu buttons to a group in the Restaurant Professional software and 16 in the Delivery Professional software.

Holiday Gift Card Special | Business Software Solutions


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RapidServer Tablet POS Client for Android | Business Software Solutions

Business Software Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of our new tableside POS solution, BPA RapidServer for Android. RapidServer integrates seamlessly with BPA Restaurant Professional and BPA Restaurant Delivery software to bring you better customer service, more accurate ordering, and increased server efficiency. With BPA RapidServer, servers can instantly send orders to the cook allowing them to remain on the floor and serve more customers.




Increase Server Efficiency With Tablet POS Systems

One of the main goals of any restaurant is to be able to efficiently server more customers while lowering costs. BPA RapidServer for Android gives you the edge you need to accomplish this goal. RapidServer allows you to offer faster customer service while minimizing mistakes during ordering. Table turn time is decreased allowing you to serve more customers in a shorter period of time.

Easy to Use Android Based POS

BPA RapidServer combines the easy menu ordering of the BPA restaurant software with the simple touch interface of an android bases tablet. Servers can quickly scroll through menus on a handheld device that are laid out in the same format as the traditional POS system. Orders can quickly be sent to the cook and receipts may be printed at any receipt printer.




How Do I Get Started?

RapidServer requires you to have at least one PC with BPA Restaurant Professional or Delivery Profession to host the database and cash out orders. Click below for package pricing or call our sales department today for a custom package to meet the needs of your restaurant.


RapidServer Restaurant Systems | Call (801)336-3303 Today!